The Long and Short of It

A photographic biography of my travels so far.  Click the image to read more detailed stories from some selected destinations.

Mexico (1990’s)

Grandpa's RV

Crossing an international border for the first time with my Grandpa Bill and his RV.

The King

Returning to Baja with my family and starting my karaoke career.

One Huge City

Getting stuck in Mexico City, losing my mind in a sea of naked people and making a vow to never go back.

New Zealand (2003)

Sheep Save Lives

How I Lost My Traveling V-card in 2003 to an exotic, english-speaking, commonwealth land mass.

Skate or Die

Hitchhiking through both islands on NZ with a backpack, long board and legal status.

Get Lost

Falling in love with traveling and becoming an addict to the unknown.

Fiji (2003)

Fiji Time

Spend a month island-hopping, camping and drinking kava just because you can.


How to get strep throat and a few tropical ulcers in only one week.

A New Sunrise

Learning that watching the sunrise atop a small island is too good for words.

Spain (2005)

The Alhambra

A year abroad in Spain’s most righteous city and the art of the siesta.


The best thing  about Granada: FREE TAPAS.  Anywhere, any beverage = free food.

Thanks Jesus

The 3 pillars of Spain: Jesus, wine and fútbol. Ole!

Ireland (2005)

Irish-Catholic, I'm Guessing?

8 days in Dublin and Galway, hunting down the water of life.

Who's that? Brown.

Trying “brown sauce” for the first time and  finding it’s not so gross.

Guiness for Dinner

How to drink for free at the Guinness Factory in Dublin.

Denmark (2005)


Riding bicycles around the city and visiting Christiania, Copenhagen’s old hippie commune.

Tivoli in Copenhagen

Christmas with a Danish family and how to win a Marzipan Pig!

Sweden (2005)

Malmo, Sweden

A day in Malmo walking the city, enjoying the snow and seeing not one single ugly person.

Talk to me, Goose

How to catch a real, live goose.  But not how to eat it.

Sauna Time

Me and Masochism: skinny-dipping in the Baltic Sea.

France (2006)

Amazing Train Ride

Getting stuck at a train station and spending a night hiding from the Swiss police.

Ride On!

Tips for a fortune-filled  week in Chamonix for an epic snow adventure in the Alps.

Brut-al Hangover

Why you should never, ever, ever get hammered on champagne, especially at 10,000ft elevation.

Morocco (2006)

Marrakesh Market

Culture Shock: 10 intense days of traveling the northern region of Morocco.

Way High Up There

How to get really high in the hills of Chefchaouen (not only off hash).


Learned that dining like a local is not only delicious,  but the most economical way to eat.

Portugal (2006)

Rising Male Chicken

How the Rising Cock Hostel got its name and why you should stay there.

Lagos, Portugal = RAD

Tips for traveling Portugal with a pregnant lady on board.  Hint: fried calamari.

Foot Race

How to speak Japanese in Portugal — with an interview with GrandPapa Steve.

Peru (2009)

Get to the Point

Apply Yourself: How to use your college degree to secure useless jobs in South America.

Lucy (pig) & Mochi (dog)

Using a puppy and a piglet to boost your online karma.  With a sad but tasty ending…


Lessons learned from a tuk-tuk driver, the truth about dead dolphins and a real-life pissing contest.

Ecuador (2009)

Carnaval Victim

The art of turning one week into 91 days.  Step One: Arrive in Montañita for Carnaval.


Saddle Up, Pinche Gringo: Riding through of Ecuador on horse, dune-buggy and surfboard.

Where Ocean Meets Sky

Why travel books will only take you so far and the rest is up to you (and the people you meet).

Florida, U.S.A. (2011)

Easy, Buddy.

Spent over a year in Fort Lauderdale, the swampy destination for all dumpy vacationers.


Discovered the meaning of life: Don’t live in Florida.


Fell in love with the water again, took up a career in the yacht business.

Colombia (2011)

Candy Store

Remembering what a kid in a candy store feels like, for the first time, again.

Valley Deep

Touring the coffee fields and tripping on acid in the Valley of Palms.


La Hora Loca: Attending a friend’s wedding and learning that Latinos really know how to party.

U.S. Virgin Islands (2012)


9 months on the docks of St. Thomas.  The best, worst decision of my career.

This Guy!

Who the lives in the U.S.V.I., anyways?

The Views

6 reasons to live on an island (at least once in your life).

British Virgin Islands (2012)


Drinking mushroom tea at the full moon party in Tortola and growing a monkeytail.

Race is On

Finding the exact center of what sailors call a “clusterfuck.”

Sun Setting

Spent the 4th of July taking orders from a nervous penguin and Eric Decker.

Dominican Republic (2012)

Ride On

My first to trip to a full-on brothel and why I have no need to return.

Working Hard

Charity: Donating shoes to prostitutes with children (because you’re out of cash).

Cigar Smokin'

Rolling your own cigar and how to (not) get  hustled like a tourist.

Bahamas (2012)

Oh Yeah!

The deepest known natural sink hole in the world and other places to hide dead bodies.

Atlantis the Great

One entire month at the Atlantis Resort gambling, drinking and talking shit to millionaires.

Paying for Drinks?

Learned that with a little coyness and an open mind, you still can get by on small budget in the Bahamas.

Argentina (2012)

Off Balance

5 months in the ball-busting capital of South America, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Complete Tango

Hustling a Tango Show, working the door at a speak-easy and growing an amazing/disgusting mustache.


Moving to South America to live with my bodacious babe, her identical twin, and a French-Canadian.  Living to tell about it.


comments? criticisms? quips?

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